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Varadero sundae

6,50 €

(vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream and crunchies)

Trufito sundae

6,00 €

(vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, Amaretto liqueur and Amarena cherries)

Surfer sundae

6,00 €

(1 scoop of mint chocolate chip, lemon sorbet and chocolate)

Malaga sundae

6,00 €

(Malaga and vanilla ice cream, raisins and whipped cream)

Gran Crucero sundae

6,00 €

(1 scoop of chocolate, nougat and vanilla)

Enchanted Forest sundae

6,00 €

(2 scoops of cheesecake and one of berry ice cream, blueberries)

Strawberry sundae

6,50 €

(strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries and whipped cream)

Nougat sundae

6,00 €

(nougat ice cream with whipped cream, hazelnuts and hot chocolate sauce)

Banana Split

6,00 €

(chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with Canary Island bananas, whipped cream and hot chocolate sauce)

1 scoop of ice cream

3,50 €

2 scoops of ice cream

4,50 €

3 scoops of ice cream

5,50 €



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